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Whether you want to look and feel better, live a healthier lifestyle or improve your current fitness level, you can get it all through Ladies Boxing Association® Training System! Our team of professional boxing instructors will train you like a seasoned pro!


Call: +44 (0) 7930 494 396



The rise of women’s boxing in the UK is rapidly expanding. With over 30 years of boxing training experience, the LBA aims to provide professional boxing tuition with a team of dedicated coaches to help enhance your physical health and fitness.

The LBA is affiliated to the Independent Boxing Association (IBA) and has already helped potential champions climb the ladder towards greater boxing success.

Alan Mortlock – Owner & Founder of the IBA/LBA

Join now and become a member of the LBA to receive a full boxing license. The LBA is a great place to meet new people and enhance your core strength and overall fitness levels, whilst learning how to box competitively.


Call: +44 (0) 7930 494 396


Get Fit

Whether boxing for fun or boxing for competition, looking for good health or a rigorous workout, the LBA offers a great way to get fit and stay healthy.

Live Events

Competitions are every 8-10 weeks (optional) and as soon as coaches feel you are ready you will have the opportunity to be matched and can fight at an event.

Professional Boxing

We have numerous contacts in the world of pro boxing, so if you’re looking to go all the way then the LBA is a great place to start ladies boxing.